Dear Summerspirit ladies,

Shoes can be a difficult at times. They provide an essential vibe to your outfit. Currenlty, i find that Doc Marten are quite a treat. The range has a variety of colours to spruce up your outfit. They are both comfortable and stylish, and i am telling you they are a keeper.


Sofia X

Print It Long


Dear Summerspirit ladies,

Summer has arrived and the never ending fashion crisis has just knocked on our doors again.

Currently i am loving the maxi skirt look. A timeless piece it is, just a simple pattern with a block colour singlet will give you a summer glow. Florals are always safe to go with maxi skirts. Team it up with a pair of aviators and some heels and you have summer outfit planned.

Sofia X



Divergent has taken over our world! Featuring Shailene Woodley and Theo James this series is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

MY favourite part is when Tris meets Four, the way they meet is so precious. If you haven’t seen the movie yet I strongly advise that you do!

Lots of love,


The Grammys


At the Grammys, Lorde was one of the many great musicians there. She got awarded the best song of the year for Royals. She has rocked the world with her song and her dress code. Lorde is an inspiration to everyone as she got so far at such a young age already. She deserved the awards.

Another person who rocked the stage was Katy Perry. She wore this amazing white dress with music notes around the bottom of the dress. She later sang her fabulous new song ‘Dark Horse’.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as us,

Love from the Summerspirit team

Higher than ever

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Dear Summerspirit ladies,

Summer calls for shorts! They are such an essential and the best thing is there is such a variety. You could go for the classic denim or try something fresh and new which brings me to the subject of this post.

High waisted shorts are currently trending. A little piece of advice would be to stick with a light colour denim rather going for a dark wintery look. High waisted shorts are so easily teamed up with.

Sofia X

Oh my pastel


Dear Summerspirit ladies,

How are well all?

Pastels are making a big hit in the world fashion. From tops to shoes, the world has been pastel sugar coated. Pastel coloured nails are so sweet. They dont dominate your nails and make you look overpowering but instead they give a hint of colour. I prefer this as they dont take away anything from your outfit.

Sofia x